Sunday, January 16, 2011

Kitchen Renovations, Conitnued

So this has been the third weekend of aggravating my sciatica, and there has been a major improvement.


Home Depot off-the-shelf cabinets. Yeah, they are as cheap and chintzy as what was here, but they are NEW, and I am not planning to keep this house for long, they look good.

Oak butcherblock countertops from Ikea. Once again, CHEAP, but the warmth of the wood, it looks great against the white cabinets.

Six days of sweat, aggravation, dirt, sawdust, sciatica, aggravation, and 1,000 round trips to Home Depot getting that thing I forgot, returning that thing that didn't fit, buying something else that didn't fit, repeat ad nauseum.

But its almost done now, really came together, it ties the room together, man!

Nobody better pee on it, because I would not let that aggression stand.

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